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Note: native gamepad controls do not work yet. Please either use keyboard controls or setup gamepads using a free gamepad mapping program like JoyToKey (PC) or Enjoy (Mac).

Pulse of the Samurai is a game that strives to create a deep, fast-paced, and distilled fighting game experience by focusing on a few distinct and accessible mechanics. By using just attacking, blocking, and dashing as the only user actions required, the game is simple in breadth, but complex in the depth of mastering the timing and spacing needed to execute these inputs. Furthermore, players must manage their exhaustion meter, as the more erratic their actions become, the higher their exhaustion will become, and the more susceptible they will be to defeat. This all comes together in an elegant Samurai-pop themed aesthetic that is enjoyable to play and spectate.

All the art was created by the very talented Shiho Pate. Music was by Nathaniel Chambers.

The game is a work-in-progress, but this is the build that was playable at Indiecade 2013.